Making the case for the UK in the EU

OK, so the result of the referendum was a narrow win for the UK to leave the EU.

Six months later, I still believe that leaving the EU will be a disatater for this country, especially if, as seems likely the government will make no effort to keep the country within the Single Market

The sad truth is that a significant proportion of British people believe all the problems in their lives are caused by foreign people either from distant places 'controlling us' - or living here as our fellow citizens.

The rise in Racism is truly shocking. I'm sure most people who voted to leave will be shocked by that too. But many will also deny it has anything to do with the way they cast their vote in this referendum.

For the most part I'm going to leave here the website that I created before the vote last June, as an extra to a new site I'm building to promote my idea of an organisation I am calling 'Engage'. Please link to the home page to read further on that. I don't plan to keep updating it with every new piece of Brexit related news.

There are two pages I have made changes to - My 'What next' page has been adapted to look at the reasons why Brexit won, and I've also updated my page on what could happen next

As a later addition, I'm adding a page on my heroes of the campaign

Play the EU referendum Game

On June 23rd we all get to vote on whether the UK stays in the European Union... so let's play a game. The starting point is to declare which way you intend to vote. (Don't worry, no one is watching, and your vote will not be recorded)

The Big Fibs

A feature of the leave campaign seems to be repetition of four facts which are demonstrively not true.

These 'untruths' have entered the national consciousness through constant restatement. I wouldn't be surprised if some people intending to Vote Remain believe more than one of these to be true.

But all four are false.

Click on each danger button to reveal the truth.