The EU - Good for business

I placed the option for business at the bottom of the page because it is business advantages that underpin the reasons for being a member of the EU.

44% of our trade is with other EU countries. To get access to the single market that makes this trade easy, we pay 30p per person per day. This amount is about 1% of Public spending. 44% of Trade for 1% of public spending? I'd argue that's a bargain.

The Leave campaign all have different ideas on what this money can be spent on. As an example, Kate Hoey thinks it will all be spent on the NHS, but even if that happens, it will barely noticed in the current NHS budget which is 27 times our current net spending on the EU.

The UK - A Trade Gateway to the EU

The Free trade deal in the EU means that many international companies, like Nissan and Ford, base some of their production in the UK to get access to that market, with the added advantage that this is where the 'international language of business' also happens to be the native language here

A Brexit wouldn't mean all this companies upped and left the day after, but it would certainly be part of their future considerations. That's not 'scare story', its how businesses work. They go where they can sell their goods.