The EU tackles Climate Change

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the LEAVE campaign does seem to have a high number of people who deny that man-made climate change is a reality. I don't intend to make that case here.I'll let the scientists who study climate change make it for me.

97% of peer reviewed papers by scientists in the field agree that man-made climate change is a reality.

There are some who accept that climate change is a reality, but that there is nothing we can do without China, India and the fast developing countries also taking action. That is why action has to be taken at cross-border level, and why the EU is so important.

What is the EU doing about Climate Change

Oh course its all very well to argue that International Action is required to tackle climate change. But what is the EU actually doing?

Here is a summary of the targets set by the EU on emissions and the legislation passed to help meet those targets. Some people maybe call this all 'Red Tape'. The rest of us want to leave future generations a planet to live on.

  • 3 Targets for 2020
    • Reduce emissions by 20% on 1990 levels
    • Provide 20% of its total energy from renewables
    • increase energy efficiency by 20% from 2007 levels
  • Targets, I've always thought, are little use without programmes, legislation and funding to back them up.
    • Renewable Energy Directive
    • Energy Efficiency Directive
    • EU Emissions Trading System

That does all look very technical. For more information, look at my source site