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March 29, and Theresa May has 'moved article 50' and so kick started the UK's departure from the European Union.

For some people in the media that means the end of the Remain Campaign, and some in that campaign have posted that its a sad day

I'm not celebrating, but I do take a different view. Today has been inevitable ever since the whole of the parliamentary Conservative and most of the parliamentary Labour Party have decided to back the idea of leaving, even though this runs counter to their own beliefs of what is best for the future of this country.

But that is not the end of the story.

This is when all the people who back Brexit, whether they have always done so or have acquiesced on the back of the referendum result, need to come out and argue WHY they think so. Not arguments based on lies, as was the Leave campaign, because now they will be dealing with real life. Now they have to match up all their rhetoric with a plan that will deliver what they have been promising.

I will not be waiting on the sidelines, wanting them to fail. I want my country to be a great success.

But I will be watching what I believe will be inevitable. The true believers will be angry when things don't go their way. They already have plans in place to blame the 'mean spirited' EU or the disruptive Remainers.

But the EU, and the 27 nations left, will be just protexting their own interests, as they were always going to do. And us Remianers? Many will still be marching and making the arguments, but we don't have the power ascribed to us individually. The person who tells you that if you drop and apple, it will fall is not themselves causing that fall. They are only describing a know phenomena.

Twenty-seven nations defending a principle they believe in are going to be hard to negotiate with. It's not going to be a balance in the UK's favour

Meanwhile, voiices for Remain will continue to make the case, and as the promises of the Leave side are shown to be undeliverable, the the non-hardliners will turn against the people who made those promisies. That is what happens in a democracy, a real continuing democracy that doesn't demand everyone has to change their view based on a single vote.