Protecting our Rights at Work

Many LEAVE campaigners want UK businesses to be free of the restrictions placed on them by the EU. They are less than specific about which restrictions they mean. Much of this so called 'red tape' are actually measures specific to Workers' Rights.

  • The Working time directive - Protecting Employees from the pressure to work longer and longer hours
  • Guarenteed Holiday Pay
  • Guarenteed Maternity Pay
  • Protecting women's rights in the workplace

Support for LEAVE is highest among unskilled workers, but they are one of the groups who most benefit from this protection.

The Leave campaign sometimes say we could have these protections outside the EU, and this is true, we could. But these measures are an integral part of the Single Market as they stop companies getting an unfair advantage by mistreating their staff.

Without the EU, it would be up to the government of the day, and sometimes that would be the people who want to remove this 'Red Tape'

"But we would be making up the laws for ourselves," is the other argument. I think we should ask who 'we' are in this case. The power would be moved - and concentrated - in a parliament where it is possible to get absolute power with less than 38% of the vote.

But is there too much Red Tape?

This week I heard Pritti Patel MP (who backs LEAVE) say we need an audit of all regulations.

I agree. Any regulation that genuinely does more harm than good should be repealed. But the way to do this is through the Democratic EU