Our Place in the World

Isaac Newton was a strange fellow but there is no doubt he had one of the greatest minds this nation has ever produced.

Quite late in his career he was asked in a letter by a fellow scientist to explain how he had achieved so much. Its possible his answer was not original to him, but he is, I think, the reason why this phrase found itself onto our £2 coins and into the title of an Oasis Album.

If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of Giants

So... what's this got to do with the EU?

One of the claims most often made by Brexit supporters is that LEAVE is the patrotic option - The rest of us are downplaying our ability to 'make it on our own'.

Actually, I'm sure the UK could be something outside the EU, but just think how much more we could be if we were working with our neighbours.

However great we could be on our own, we are greater 'standing on the Shoulders of Giants'

Or just working with other countries. LEAVE campaigners say 'Oh but we can work with other countries outside the EU.' But why, when the EU is there and gives the forums to work together?

I'm patriotic which is why I want to see my country succeed. And to do that - to really achieve - we need to be part of the European Union