Many people in the UK are confused about the EU referendum. This confusion includes what is at stake.

The LEAVE campaign want you to think this is about the Independence of the United Kingdom. It isn't

The UK is, and will remain, an independent nation state, regardless of the result of this referendum.

Over 85% of our laws are directly the responsibility of our national parliament. Of the rest, we share the decision making process because they are over matters on mutual interest, like trade and our environment.

Also, we will continue to trade with the rest of Europe, regardless of the result of the referendum. Nobody on the Remain side says we will not.

What we are voting on is whether we want to have our say in what happens in our corner of the globe

Put like that, the choice is obvious. If there was a vote to disenfranchise yourself within the UK, which way would you vote?

Nobody thinks the EU is perfect. And yes, within the EU there are people who want to make the EU something more connected than perhaps the people of Europe are ready for. But the future for that is in our hands, while we are members.

On this site...

I've given many benefits of staying in

I've given reasons why the Brexit campaign would not be able to deliver their 'bright new world', and highlighted where they are most dishonest.

But in the end, it comes down to this.

Do we want to be a nation that shapes and influences, or a nation that hides away?