How much does the EU cost?

The Leave campaign claim that if the UK leaves the European Union, there will be £50million a week to spend on the NHS? On this page I will explain how that isn't true

First up, the UK doesn't send that much to the EU in the first place. The amount the leave campaign doesn't take into account the rebate and this is deducted before any money goes anywhere.

Then we need to consider the money that the UK gets back from the EU.

The actual net amount the UK pays into the EU is £13.5 million a week. This still sounds a lot to anyone, but actually works out at just 30p a day For me thats about 1/2 pint of beer a week. Its worth comparing that with the rest of UK public spending.

Net spending on the EU is 1% of government spending. Even if this money could be saved with no reprecussions, it would not see a dramatic increase in spending elsewhere, including the NHS.

What do we get for that money?

Still, 30p is 30p - What do we get for that money?