The EU - A Democratic Institution

Leave Spokespersons assert repeatedly that the EU controlled by 'Faceless Bureaucrats'. On this page I'll showing that this is NOT true

  1. They are refering to the EU commissioners - And they don't get final say on anything.
  2. Oh, and they aren't faceless. Here they are . Took me one go on Google to find them.

The Commission is like a souped up civil service. There are differences with our civil service - without a 'majority party' the Commission staff have to do the running about working out what would have a chance of passing. I explain the differences here

But the power to decide what does become EU law rests with these two bodies

Voting bodies in the EU

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Is this really "Taking Back Control"?

The current LEAVE buzzline that does seem to be reasonating with the voters is that we should 'take back control'. But what does that mean exactly?

As well as denying the democratic credentitals of the European Union, campaigners for Brexit tend to over estimate their influence. You will hear figures like 60% or even 75% of UK law is now made in the EU. The House of Commons library gives the figure at 13%, though I have read a few repuatble reports that this may underestimate the proportion just a little. Lets say 15% - so we are already in control of 85%. If we leave the EU - but find we need the single market survive we will actually have given up control, not taken it back.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the current head of the Commission has suggested the EU's reach could be cut back. This is a man from Luxembourg, one of the more EU-Entusiatic member states, so the idea that everyone in the EU just wants more power is a false one.

Is EU power too distant?

Its been a feature of Democracies in the 21st century that a divide is opening between the governments and the electors. This is happening at all levels from local councils up the the EU. I've heard it said by 'Leave' campaigners that nobody knows the names of their MEPs, but that's also true of local councillors

I believe there is a strong case for a Democratic Renewal in the UK, that needs to come from all sides. But that is a different issue to EU membership and will not be helped by leaving.