The end of the EU?

There are people on the Leave side of this debate who don't JUST want the UK out of the EU, they want the end of European Union itself. Brexit for them is a first step to that end goal. I accept there is logic in this position, because then all the disadvantages of being on the 'outside' of an organisation that no longer exists will be of any relevence.

Spokesmen like Danial Hannan deride the EU as a failure project and out of date and would prefer we didn't notice its achievements, for example.

This would leave a power vacuum in Europe - and they know this. Could that be their plan?.

The EU and Peace in Europe

The EU was born as the EEC in 1957 (as a development from European Coal and Steel Community, 1951) This was not as soon as the United Nations or NATO, but came as part of the same move towards international co-operation between former foes. Since then it has developed and changed in its nature - what organisation doesn't change from its initial idea? During that time there has never been a hint of a military conflict between its member states. Of course NATO is part of the reason for that, but so is the EU.

Nations that share a democratically elected forum don't tend to fight

Nobody on the Reamain side is saying that war will start the month after an end of the EU, but one major part of the prevention strategy would have gone

Anyway here is a list of wars that happened within or between members states of the EU before they became members. It's inconceivable these wars could happen while these nations are in the EU together. Agreed, the Irish conflict continued within the UK for sometime after membership, but even there friendly relations between the governments of the UK and the Republic within the Democratic structures of the EU played a role in bringing about peace

Dates Conflict
1939-1945 World War II
1936-1939 Spanish Civil War
1921-22 Irish War of Independence
1914-1918 World War I
1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War
1866 Austro-Prussian War