Help on using Site

There are a few ways to navigate through my 'Case 4 EU Website'

  • Be guided through using the buttons on the Home page. By using this method you can see
    • The advantages of staying in the EU - If that is the way you think you might vote
    • My take on the biggest reasons put forward for voting Leave
    • My explanation of what I think are the biggest untruths of the Leave campaign
  • Or use the menu bar at the top to jump direct to each page
  • Any underlined text can also be clicked
    • Sometimes this will take you to a different page on this site
    • Sometimes it will open a different site in a new window. I'm not responsible for all their content.
    • Or it might just open an information bubble over your current page.
  • The back buttons on each page title work just like your broswer back arrow - but more conveniently placed. Only a record of your last 5 pages is kept. Page back further than that and you will be returned to the home page

I have not provided a Contacts page, due to concerns about Trolling. I debate these issues frequently of Facebook.

Have Fun and Vote Remain