My EU Heroes

On this page I'd like to share with you some of my heroes of the referendum campaign and its aftermath.

I apologise that it is male dominated, and will be looking to extend the list to 10 as time goes by. There are many women involved in the campaigns, not least Gina Miller, though Her role has been to put the decisions firmly in the place where they should be made, rather than influencing the decisions themselves.

Equal in fifth place are Gary Lineker and Lily Allen, who havn't exactly joined in the campaign for or against EU membership, and I'm not even sure if either declared their positionn on the referendum - I'll upddate on that is I find any public statements. But both have shown compassion towards refugees, and according to some , Brexit - as well as 'meaning Brexit' also means that compassion is outlawed and makes one incapable of, among other things presenting a popular sports programme.

While Lineker was manfully defending himself on Twitter, Lily Allen actually went to the camps near Calais to meet with the refugees, and was effected by this experience emotionally, as I hope I would be. For this she was roundly blasted by those who wish to outlaw compassion, perhaps because they have none of their own.

[On a side issue, Brexiteer Toby Young also attacked the compassion shown in Ken Loach's film 'I, Daniel Blake' because he doesn't want the poor of this country potrayed as anything but scroungers.]

Michael Dougan is a Law Professor at Liverpool University and a leading expert in EU Law- , who has reported to Parliament on matters related to European law. I've seen a few videos by him giving his arguments, this is one of the best is video gives some very solid reasons why leaving the EU is a very bad idea.

Michael Galsworthy is a spokesperson for 'Scientists for EU', and another man whose videos can be found on Facebook and YouTube. His explanations are through and logical, but his passion is real. Again, I'll link to one example here. You'll be able to find many more.

James O'Brien is a journalist, and his main contribution to the EU debate is on hi LBC phone-in show. I don't live in London, though I'm sure the show can be accessed online. What is certainly true is snippits of his show, particularly his introductory speeches are available online. I see them first on Facebook but they are also available on You Tube and, I would guess, the LBC website. Compared to the two Michael's in 3rd and 4th place, I'm not sure these little speeches are as closely scripted, but for puncturing the daily Brexit news stories daily Brexit news stories with passion, they can't be beaten.

And so to my number one hero on the EU, and my guru through this whole sorry affair. Jason J Hunter is - and please correct me if I've got this wrong Jason - an Environmental Consultant. I think I picked him up as a Facebook friend some time ago, but he really came into his own for me as we approched June 23rd with someties several posts a day from his vast store of knowledge gained from months, or is it years, of study on how the EU works and why it works for the UK