Trading with the World after a Brexit

There is a circular part of the Brexit argument that I just don't get and it's this. We need to get out of the EU, they say, because the EU stops us trading we want to with the rest of the world.

The next thing they say is trade with the EU isn't so important because our trade with the rest of the world is on the increase. Actually, I believe this is so.

But their argument fails two tests of logic.

  1. The percentage of our trade with the EU may down a little, but at 44% it is still very significant.
  2. If our trade with the rest of the world is increasing while we ARE members of the EU, in what sense is our membership holding us back?

The point should also be made that a lot of our trade with the rest of the world is under agreements made through the EU.

Saying that post Brexit we will trade mostly with the rest of the world would be like me setting up a fruit and veg wholesale business in Leeds and target sales to Bristol, Birmingham and Ipswich rather than Bradford, Wakefield and Harrogate. Trade with our neighbours makes more sense, so lets have a strategy that takes that into account

What are our friends around the world saying?

Nearly all world leaders from the countries with Brexiters say we will be trade more are saying they think the UK should stay in the EU and that our membership does not stop us trading with them.

If we had the equivelent of the EU on our doorstep, New Zealand as a country would be looking to join that, we certainly wouldn't be looking to leave it. John Key, PM of New Zealand.