Is Turkey about to join the EU?

No, Turkey is not about to join the EU.

Yes, there are people who want Turkey to be a member of the EU, as a concept. A campaign to just this end was started a few years ago, supported by both David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

This page is NOT about being in favour or against Turkey's membership. Its just to explain how things stand.

To become an EU member, a country needs to meet a lot of conditions. These are laid out in chapters of the EU treaties; There are 35 'chapters' of conditions relating to joining the EU. That campaign is about helping Turkey to meet these conditions. It is not suggesting they should be by-passed.

So far Turkey has met the conditions in ONE of those chapters. On the other 34, they are actually moving backwards, not least because the regime of President Erdrogen is no supporter of human rights

And here is another reason that Turkey won't be joining soon - Any new member needs unanimous support from existing members. In Turkey's case, this is very unlikely from Cyprus and Greece while the former is divided. France too, has reservations. And it would need the UK's consent too, so long as we are still a member

Penny Mordant MP claimed on live TV that the UK can't stop Turkey joining. Not only is that untrue, but she would have known this when she said it

She is campaigning for us to lose that veto, which we will if we leave the EU. If we find we have to accept free movement of people to keep our industries alive (see all over this site) could become important, if stopping migration from Turkey is your concern.

What about the other countries that might join?

There are four other countries that, according to the LEAVE campaign, will join very soon. This is Albania and the other countries from the former Yugoslavia. Their applications are at an earlier stage than Turkey's. In some cases the negotiations have not yet begun. They will not b e joining any day soon.

And if they ever so it will be because they have met all the conditions and overcome all objections. They will have economies fit to be in the EU They won't be an issue.

That's why the conditions exist.