Reasons I thought Brexit might win - Was I right?

In my pre-referendum version of this website I gave some reasons why Brexit might win - and Brexit did win - so was I right?

  1. The coverage of certain mass circulation newspapers, often repeating the big fibs I link to from the Home Page.
    This was certainly a factor for some parts of the electorate. The UK has been fed stories that the EU is meddling and undemocratic for years. This couldn't fail to have an effect. I'm not sure this was the clinching factor
  2. The concerns of the population about immigration. While I can understand these concerns, leaving the EU will not deliver the result on Immigration that the LEAVE campaign claim or desire.
    The morning of the result some leading Leave campaigners were already saying immigration is not likely to be reduced. This will come as a shock and disappointment to many for whom this was a major factor to voting 'Leave'. Add to that we have seen an outbreak of exceedingly distressting incidents where British people of different ethnic groups have been verbally abused, often being told that it was a vote about them leaving the UK. (Did some 'Leave' voters reallly think that?) Its clear that, while not all leave voters are racist, all racists voted leave.
  3. People will vote LEAVE just to get back at the 'Political Elite'. But its not the political 'Elite' who will be most damaged by a Leave vote. We need a different solution to the general dissatisfaction with politics
  4. I think this was the clincher. A lot of solidly working class areas would seem to have voted 'Leave' because they are not happy with their lot. That British politics seems to have directed most of its attention to middle class swing voters for the last 20 years I can not deny. That areas of solid working class voters feel left behind by that development I understand and can sympathise with. But leaving the EU will solve none of these problems, and is much more likely to make them worse by concentrating power in one place.
  5. Complacency by people who support IN but think their vote won't be needed.
  6. Young people (18-24 age range) voted 72-28 in favour of remain. But investigations have shown less than 40% voted.