Who are the EU Zealots?

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A charge often made against anyone who argues for the EU in British Politics is that we are EU zealots who will "do anything that Brussels tells us to"

This is a ridicous charge - and to be fair not one I have heard as much during the current referendum camapign. But I suspect it will be raised so I deal with it here

Pro-EU people no more agree with everything the EU passes than we agree with everything passed in the National Parliament in the UK and other countries. That does not mean we all want to 'withdraw' from our national parliament.

Arguments from Left and Right

I've heard opposition to the EU from left and right leaning people.

From the left, the EU is too 'pro-free market, pro-privatisation.' From the right, the EU throws up to much 'red tape' to stop businesses from functioning. Both these positions are valid poltical viewpoints, though personality I have more sympathy with the former. I have my concerns about the 'privatisation' agenda. but some of the red tape, such as the working time directives, are there to make sure workers' rights are protected, and that 'Free Trade' doesn't bceome a 'race to the bottom' of how much an employer can squeeze from the workforce

But these are discussion to be had at the next European elections, not reasons to give up influence across the continent we live in.